The Mythical Legendary Gryphon

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The legendary Gryphon possesses the head and wings of an
eagle and the body of a lion. The gryphon loved gold and precious stones and spent
hours upon hours enjoying their glint and gleam.
Gryphons are said to be the guardians of treasures.
The gryphon’s claws were said to have magical powers.
This made the claws quite valuable, as they could be used to
protect the food and drink of royalty. A drinking cup made of the gryphon’s claw was
said to change color when filled with a poisonous substance.
Procuring the precious claw could only be accomplished by a holy man;
if he cured the beast of sickness, the gryphon awarded him
with a magical claw. The gryphon was said to be a symbol of Christ on Earth.
The gryphon’s body of a lion symbolizes the strength and sovereign power;
the head and wings of an eagle symbolize Christ’s ascension into heaven.
The gryphon was a complex creature; a lover and thief of gold and jewels,
but also a trusted guardian. This creature drew the chariots of the gods,
represented the glory of the sun, and possessed Great Magical Powers.

actual size: 1&1/4" diameter

An original Holly Bird design
Copyright J. Masselli Jr