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Outlander Battle-Axe

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This original sculpting, was inspired by Ancient Warrior tales of the Icelandic Viking myth.
The axe has several power symbols combined into the design.
The hilt is capped by a terrifying skull; a symbol of the power of death.
The tip of the axe is shaped like a Raven’s head; symbol of the valkyrie or “battle maids”
- death angels who delighted in warfare and guided
the warrior’s souls to Valhalla after their heroic deaths.
On the blade of the double headed axe are designs resembling the Nordic rune, “Perthro”,
the symbol of luck to help insure Victory in Battle!!!
The Outlander Battle symbolizes strength of arms, victory in battle, and life after death!

An original design by Charles Dahn for Pepi and Co. copyright 2000