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Laksmi "Goddess of Prosperity"

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Laksmi is one of the most beloved Hindu Goddesses.

She represents the "Perfect State of Refinement" that transcends the Material World.

In Ancient Indian texts, she is the embodiment of Royal Power, Noble
Rank, Bounteousness, Beauty, Fertility, Prosperity, Abundance, and Good
Fortune. She is Creation; she is the transformation of Formless Waters into life.

Our Laksmi is depicted sitting atop a Lotus Blossom: the symbol of
Fertility, Purity, and Spiritual Perfection. The blooms and buds of the
Lotus surround her signifying the various stages of Creation. When depicted
alone, without her consort Vishnu, she usually has four arms representing
Her Nurturing and Generous Nature. Gold coins flow from her hand in
Prosperity. A pot of "Amrita" the Essence of immortality is held in another.
A Bilva fruit, representing Spiritual Strife, which occurs just before one
achieves "Moksa" or Freedom from the circle of Karma is in yet another.

The powers and beauty of Laksmi can be acquired by meditating on the Blessings
and Bounty of Nature with which we are blessed every day.

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