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Our hanging burner is a purposeful blend of functionality and aesthetics. The burner consists of a bowl to securely hold smudging material or incense along with a chain for hanging and swinging when cleansing. What sets a hanging burner apart is its suspension mechanism. Whether through chains, ropes, or other hanging elements, it elegantly dangles from a ceiling, hook, or wall mount. This not only enhances its aesthetic charm but also ensures optimal positioning for effective smoke dispersion. Used in spiritual or ceremonial practices like smudging rituals and meditation, these burners create a serene and sacred atmosphere. The act of hanging the burner adds a ritualistic dimension to these practices, making the space conducive to reflection and tranquility. In summary, a hanging burner seamlessly combines practicality with artistic design. Its visually pleasing form serves as both a functional vessel for aromatic elements and an elegant addition to any space, enhancing the ambiance for rituals or moments of contemplation.

Size: 3.25″